3x PDR Tools Set for Eliminating Car Dents diam 5mm, length 38cm

110.00 EUR

3 un.  – diam ∅5mm, length 38cm€110 EUR
3 un.  – diam ∅6.4mm, length 48cm€140 EUR
3 un.  – diam ∅8mm, length 78cm€160€ EUR
2 un.  – diam ∅10mm, length 93cm€180€ EUR
12 un.- diam ∅5-13mm, length 38-130cm€600 EUR (FULL KIT)

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3 PDR paintless dent repair tools made of stainless steel, thermally treated to remove various cuts, suitable for both metal and aluminum ironing. Diam ∅5mm, length 38cm.

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