PDR Blending Hammer High Quality Titanium

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PDR paintless dent removal tools PDR High Quality (HQ) blending hammer Titanium (Round Head).

*PDR Blending Hammer Titanium with Flat Head click here.

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Original Titanium Blending Hammer gross weight is 100 gr, handle length is 37 cm. The handle and the packing box are made out of Lithuanian ash trees, therefore it is light but very strong and durable.

Last year I was making hammers using the Russian titanium grade VT 1. Today my hammers are produced using the most prestigious titanium Grade – 5. Its surface is even stronger compared to vt1 grade.

Titanium is largely used by Western medicine in orthopedics and other medical devices, including dental implants, shoulder, knee and hip joints, hearing aids as well as for plates, screws and nails for internal fixation of fractured bones. This Original Titanium Blending Hammer is softer compared to the Stainless Steel Tempered Hammer production and for some kind of bending it could be more effective than the Stainless Steel Hard Surface Hammer.

The PDR Technicians will understand me – the Titanium hammer produces an intermediate effect when comparing rubber, plastic and hard metal hammer strokes. It is the most requested hammer and it has been highly evaluated by many PDR technicians all over the world.

I bet you want to get one of my beloved Original Titanium Blending Hammer. The early bird catches the worm.

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